As the year comes to an end,  I have noticed many negative comments and memes on social media about how awful 2016 was. I’m unable to wrap my head around why such a large group of people feel this negatively towards the year 2016.  For me, 2016 was definitely a fav. I found out who my real friends were, I graduated from University, rented my first place with my boyfriend-strengthening our relationship in my opinion. I also feel as though I became just a bit more closer with my family, because I realized how important family truly  is. Sure I had some unfortunate losses this year, but I definitely feel as though I have accomplished lots. Looking back on this year gives me an overwhelming feeling of happiness. I have overcome struggles like most,  and this made me stronger. I hope 2017 is as good or better! Life is what you make of it, so instead of focusing on what was so negative about this year, people should pick out what they feel was great, and strive for that in 2017! 

To a successful, prosperous, and peaceful new year! 


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