Local Coffee Shops

I moved to the town I’m in about 5 months ago, and since then I’ve wanted to get to know the local scene a bit more. I found a coffee shop just two minutes from my house, that I would say is one of the cutest coffee shops around. They have a mouth watering list of lattes and other assorted drinks, with mellow yet groovy background music. I find this atmosphere to be peaceful and relaxing. I immediately felt comfort with my surroundings when I entered the building. I had such trouble choosing a drink I wanted to indulge in, but I ended up choosing a banana latte. I felt I needed to try something new, and I must say it was amazing.

Another coffee shop I discovered through friends was right downtown, a place called EATology. It is located on the side of the towns greyhound, and right near where all the drug addicts loom. Yes, this sounds desirable right? All jokes aside, when I entered this place, my senses filled with the aroma of sweet breakfast food, and of course coffee. It has a restaurant layout, yet with lounge areas. To order you went up to the counter like any regular coffee shop, you’d sit down, and get your food and drink brought to you. To me for a place that appeared as a restaurant, it seemed revered, but I liked it. I had stuffed French toast and my usual Earl Grey tea. My French toast was stuffed with a variation of berries, and whipped cream. Just thinking about the satisfaction of the food makes me want to run back there.

The two coffee shops I have talked about had so many great things about them, and I would recommend these places to anyone. There is one thing missing though with both places. For me, when I picture the ideal coffee shop, I think of my favourite warm drinks, delicate foods, soothing music, but also a variety of local art work. Art has a big spot in my heart, always has, and to have a place for everyone to showcase their art in such a casual way, sounds incredibly ideal. I would love to be able to put my artwork up at a coffee shop and have people discuss it over a warm cup of coffee. Perhaps I have yet to discover a coffee shop in this town with local artisans showcasing art, but if this is not a thing, it should be! It would most likely bring more people into the shop, and give new artists a chance at a little fame. If a coffee shop had local art, chances are I would go back to that place 99% of the time. The mystery of the supportive, artsy cafe shows me that I need to dig deeper, for my idea coffee shop.


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